Hundreds of community members, diplomats, dignitaries, businessmen and traders enjoyed the sweet taste of popular Pakistani mangoes during an event held by the Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) in Abu Dhabi.

Mango is the national fruit of Pakistan, and its local produce is renowned for its distinct flavour.

The five-hour-long free-to-attend Pakistan Mango Festival saw visitors enjoy 14 different varieties, including Lal Badshah, Chaunsa, Dussehri, Anwar Ratool, Fajri, and Hyder Shah among others.

The event was organised by Pakistan Business Professional Council, and all the members contributed to its success.

“These are fresh and finest varieties of mangoes flown in from Pakistan, especially for this event,” said Dr S Qaiser Anis, president, of PBPC, Abu Dhabi, and noted the festival aims to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and exquisite taste of Pakistan’s mangoes.

Pakistan is the world’s fifth-largest producer of mangoes, regarded as the king of tropical fruits. The Middle East is a top importer of Pakistani mangoes.

Dr Muhammad Farhan, executive member of the Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) and PBPC, underlined that Pakistan is trying to improve trade volumes in the region.

“The UAE is the fourth biggest buyer of Pakistani mangoes. Along with Saudi Arabia and others, the Gulf countries have a 65 per cent share of what Pakistan is exporting. We want to increase it further,” he said and noted that several exhibitors from the UAE were participating in the three-day International Food and Agriculture Exhibition held in Karachi till Saturday.

Dr Farhan pointed out that bilateral research and innovative solutions on ways to grow Pakistani mangoes in the UAE will help boost trade and ensure food security.

“Pakistan has more than 300 varieties of mangoes. We aim to bring Pakistani mangoes to Abu Dhabi. Our aim is not only to sell and export but also to grow mangoes here. We aim to bring good seeds and mangoes from Pakistan and be part of the agriculture research and innovation happening in the UAE. Thus we can enhance our bilateral business,” he said and noted that such initiatives will also play a role in countering global warming and the challenges of climate change.

The PBPC ladies’ committee had stalls of delicious delicacies made from Pakistani mangoes, which were savoured by guests. There were also mango-tasting sessions.

“We have Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis, and many people coming from Dubai and Sharjah, participating here. We are promoting a ‘clean and green’ image of Pakistan. This is a glimpse of what we aim to achieve. Next year, we will host a better event,” Dr Farhan added.


The Embassy of Pakistan and Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) in Abu Dhabi hosted a reception on 21 March 2023 to celebrate Resolution Day and the National Day of Pakistan at Conrad Hotel, Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers. His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of the Cabinet and the Minister of Tolerance was the Chief Guest of the event.
A large number of Ambassadors, senior UAE officials, prominent business and professional individuals, and Pakistani community residing in the UAE participated in the event
Welcoming the guests to the event, H.E. Mr. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, highlighted the significance of Pakistan’s National Day as it had laid the foundation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent. H.E. said that it was matter of pride that today’s Pakistan represented many success stories in the field of science, technology, art, medicine, and philanthropy. Pakistan has also been able to evolve imperviable defence from all external and internal threats. Highlighting the geo-economic location and amazing natural beauty of Pakistan, the Ambassador invited the guests to travel to Pakistan with their families and friends.
Dr. Syed Qaiser Anis, the President of PBPC welcomed and thanked all guests for their participation to the event. He also thanked business entities who sponsored the event. On this occasion, the paintings of famous Artist and Humanitarian of Pakistan, Jimmy Engineer, were exhibited. Ustad Rais Ahmed Khan has also presented very attractive performance on violin and tabla instruments to entertain the guests.
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The Pakistan Business Professional Council’s annual visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, to mark “Zayed Humanitarian Work Day” held on 10 April 2023 with the anniversary of the death of the Founding Leader, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
The delegation commenced the visit by paying homage and offering ‘Fateha’ at the mausoleum of the late Sheikh Zayed, recalling his leadership and wise approach that enriched the culture of tolerance and peaceful co-existence among various nations of the world.
Marked every year on the 19th day of Ramadan, PBPC Abu Dhabi, together with the nation of UAE, dedicates “Zayed Humanitarian Work Day “to remember the noble and well-establishes human values of giving, kindness/generosity, good deeds and rich legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan showed throughout his tenure as the Ruler of the UAE, until passing away in 2004.
The Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE H.E. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi has joined the delegations led by the President of PBPC Dr. S. Qaiser Anis together with its Founding Members, Board Members and Members of the Council.
The President commended the presence of the Chairman and Board Members of the Abu Dhabi Business Councils/Chambers – British Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi, Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi, #Benelux Business Council, IBPG Abu Dhabi, Iraqi Business Council Abu Dhabi, #Jordanian Business Council, Palestinian Business Council and Philippine Business Council – Abu Dhabi with their members who have joined us on this special occasion.
It is an annual event of the Council that has been religiously practiced every anniversary to recognize the late Father of the Nation where policies lead to where the United Arab Emirates today, one of the leading countries of the world

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi in continuation to update overseas Pakistanis about the Roshan Digital Account organized the 11th webinar in collaboration with the Pakistan Embassy UAE, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Austria-Pakistan Association, and representatives from the 11 European Countries on 21 December 2022 via Zoom.

Roshan Digital Account has been set to drive sustainable GDP Growth, as it helped the government and the State Bank of Pakistan improve the external account of the country since it is launched.

The event was arranged in line with the policy of the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the citizens abroad and financially connect them to Pakistan’s banking channel in the easiest and most befitting manner.

It was attended by the Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, H.E. Faisal Niaz Tirmi, Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Imtiaz Feroz Gonad, Senior officials of SBP, Mr. Syed Iran Ali and Ms. Saima Hameed, Joint Director Exchange Policy Department and Pakistani community members across the UAE region and European Countries – Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, and Greece.

Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi, opened the webinar by welcoming and thanking the participants and speakers for attending.

In his remarks, H.E. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE emphasized promoting business, Investments, between the two countries.

Further, Mr. Ambasador mentioned that Roshan Digital Account in UAE has been a roaring success and that RDA should continue to ensure becoming the most effective and most convenient way for Overseas Pakistanis.

Mr. Syed Irfan Ali, Managing Director SBP, in his remarks thanked the Council for organizing another webinar to promote the new era of banking in Pakistan for overseas Pakistani through the Roshan Digital Account (RDA). He briefed the participants on the current update on the result of the RDA since it was launched a few months back and highlighted the salient aspects of the Government’s initiatives.

Ms. Saima Hameed, Joint Director Exchange Policy Department, presented the Product Value Proposition and Special Regulatory Support for Roshan Digital Account, as well as, the Roshan Digital Business Account.

She added that for query handling and compliant resolution mechanism, Banks have a dedicated customer complaint resolution mechanism on a 24/7 basis and have a dedicated Relations Manager.  At the SBL level, NRPs may also share their feedback on RDA  at

Dr. Qaiser Anis discussed the salient points of the webinar in detail, and the immense benefit received by Overseas Pakistanis, such as:

  • The RDA deposit attends above 6 Billion USD, as there are withdrawn and there are deposits also.
  • Moreover, he mentioned that the annual deposit for Overseas Pakistanis is more than 31 billion US.  Pakistan’s next point for strength is under the IMF program which already met the balance payment, received in December. Pakistan was no longer listed in FATF.
  • Funds received from the World Bank, with respect to the flood, already received more than a billion dollars. There are challenges, but all have been tackled.
  • We are trying to control our expenditures, and live with our resources.
  • For the depositors, the Naya Pakistan Certificate is a government certificate giving the best rate of return and will be honoured by the Government of Pakistan
  • In the year 2023, more facilities will be provided, with respect to the RDA business account, and soon this will be announced.
  • The 14 Pakistani Banks are working 24hrs for the RDA and its affiliated products.
  • In the case of dormancy of the account, a good thing is, this can be revived digitally, which is the biggest benefit and comfort for the RDA Account holders.

The State Bank team and community members applauded the Council’s efforts to arrange the event to have first-hand information on the RDA and interaction among the participating major banks in Pakistan. The presentations were followed by the question-and-answer session by the community members.

The webinar was attended by prominent Pakistani community members and representatives of leading community organizations and business hailing from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and various parts of the emirates, as well as, from other GCC countries and European countries

A word of thanks by Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Nasim, Vice President Programme. The event was broadcasted live on Council’s Facebook page and viewed by hundreds of overseas Pakistanis, as well.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi held its 18th Annual General Meeting on the 28th of November 2022 at the Abu Dhabi Chamber attended by a large majority of its Corporate and Individual members.

Mr. Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry, Chair of the AGM and the Founding Member gave his opening remarks. He addressed the members with a brief history of the Council and the continuity from 2004 and its successes in the past since it was established.

President Dr. S. Qaiser Anis presented the Council’s accomplishments and highlighted the significant events with 98 activities in 2021, 71 activities in 2022 and during the pandemic in 2020, the Council carried out 75 activities.

The Office Bearers of the Council presented reports on the activities of their respective areas – VP Legal & Coordination Mr. Badar Uz Zaman Ahmed, VP Programme Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Nasim, Mr. Asif Zaman on Expo Dubai Activities, and VP Membership Dr. Muhammad Farhan.  The Audited Finance Statement of the Council by VP Finance Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Sheikh including the Auditor’s Reports was approved.

Dr. Qaiser Anis thanked also the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, whose support is always available, to government entities including the Ministry of Economy, the Department of Economic Development, and the State Bank of Pakistan with which the council worked for conducting various events and webinars successfully.

Moreover, he thanked Council’s Board members for their teamwork and the corporate and individual professional members of the Council for their continuous support and encouragement.

The members of the Council have elected the following Board members for the next two years term as recommended by the Nomination Committee of the Council and unanimously voted by the Members:

1. Dr. Syed Qaiser Anis
2. Mr. Badar Uz Zaman Ahmed
3. Dr. Muhammad Farhan
4. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Nasim
5. Mr. Mohammad Sohail Khokhar
6. Mr. Syed Asif Zaman
7. Mr. Sheikh Ahmed
8. Mr. Rizwan Ahmed Viqar
9. Mr. Ahmed Ullah
10. Mr. Syed Ijaz Hussain Bukhari

Mr. Imtiaz Feroz Gondal, Deputy Head of Mission of Pakistan Embassy UAE, appreciated the work of the Council, especially at the Dubai Expo 2020 in which about 25 events were conducted and PBPC Abu Dhabi promoted the Roshan Digital Account.

He also thanked the leadership of the President who brought the Council to the highest esteem in UAE. He mentioned that the Pakistan Embassy will work for the membership and for the promotion of trade, commerce, and investment in Pakistan hand in hand with the Council.

The Council together with the members has to continue working to foster exchanges between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Members are encouraged towards more active involvement and participation to keep the PBPC Abu Dhabi one of the leading business councils for businessmen and professionals.

The AGM appealed to all members of the Pakistani Community (Businessmen and Professionals) to stand together under the umbrella of the Council to strengthen the relations with the UAE Authorities, other communities, and interaction between themselves.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) organized a welcome reception on 31st Oct 2022 at Conrad Hotel, Abu Dhabi for the participating Oil and Gas Companies in ADIPEC.


The event was addressed by the Ambassador of Pakistan to UAE, His Excellency Mr. Faisal Tirmizi and Dr. Qaiser Anis President of  PBPC and CEO of DESCON Engineering Ltd., Mr. Taimur Saeed

The objective of the reception was to bring together on one platform all Pakistani companies who are representing Pakistan in ADIPEC, and provide an opportunity to develop networking, exchange ideas, share their experiences and discuss areas of common interests between Pakistan and UAE.


H.E. Faisal Tirmizi in his speech emphasized that he has a task to promote business between Pakistan and UAE,  to attract investment and technical know-how in Pakistan, and to address the issues of the Pakistani community in the UAE.

Mr. Taimur Saeed provided information about Descon Engineering as Pakistan’s leading Engineering enterprise with a wealth of expertise in Oil & Gas, and other industries providing its services in UAE for more than 40 years. Deson Global presence spans GCC and other countries.

Dr. Qaiser Anis, the President of the Pakistan Business Professional Council highlighted the establishment of the Council in 2004 in Abu Dhabi. PBPC guide and support Pakistani companies and introduce them to UAE investors and government departments. The PBPC has developed a good relationship with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and other UAE institutions, and we are continuously meeting and working with the Board of Investment, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, and other institutions of Pakistan to promote commerce and investment between UAE and Pakistan.

The Council is a good platform for professional networking with the other 30 business councils of the UAE and with the UAE business and professional community.

The participating companies in ADIPEC can use the Council for the follow-up to the business opportunities they receive during the ADIPEC Exhibition and this will be good benefit to them for securing business.

Dr. Qaiser Anis thanked all the participants for attended the reception. He also thanked   Descon Engineering Ltd for sponsoring the reception.

Abu Dhabi Chamber Organized the seminar on Economic Prospects and Opportunities in Abu Dhabi
in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development and Pakistan Business Professional Council held on October 6, 2022, at the Abu Dhabi Chamber Tower.


The speakers presented the Competitiveness Landscape in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Trade Facilitation Strategy, Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy Incentives and Initiatives, Investment Opportunities and Financial Facilities for New and Existing Businesses in Abu Dhabi, and Talent Attraction Strategy for Efficiency in Business

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Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Stock Exchange in collaboration with Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi in continuation to raise awareness among overseas Pakistanis about  Roshan Digital Account in Pakistan organized another webinar together with JS Global Capital Limited and United Bank Limited (UBL) on October 3, 2022.

The webinar’s objective is to attract millions of Pakistani living abroad to invest in Pakistan Stock Market through Roshan Equity Investment Account under Roshan Digital Account.

Roshan Digital Account is set to drive sustainable GDP Growth, as it helped the government and the central bank improve the external account of the country.

Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi and moderator of the webinar, opened by welcoming and thanking the participants and speakers for attending.

Mr. Muhammad Asad Abdal, Portfolio Manager RDA of United Bank Limited presented the Roshan Digital Account facilities and how to invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange through the Roshan Equity Investment Account.

Senior Manager on Equity Sales of JS Global Capital Limited, Mr. Muhammad Shuja Qureshi explained the services provided for Overseas Pakistanis and the Investor, and the benefits of investing in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The webinar was moderated by the Chief Marketing Officer of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Ms. Raeda Latif.

In closing, Dr. Qaiser Anis thanks the speakers for participating in this mission of the council to serve the community and Pakistan.

The webinar was attended by prominent Pakistani community members and representatives of leading community organizations and businesses hailing from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, as well as various parts of the emirates, and other GCC countries

To view the replay of the webinar please click here

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the National Fund for Social Responsibility, CSR UAE has organized a seminar on UAE Economy, shedding a light on the latest economic updates on the UAE economy while raising awareness on corporate social responsibility (CSR), held on 30th of May 2022 at the Abu Dhabi Chamber Tower.

In his opening speech, His Excellency Mohamed Helal Al Mheiri, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, said that The UAE in 2022 is keen on further increasing the competitiveness of the private sector, which can be achieved by implementing innovative strategies targeted at accelerating growth and economic diversification.

“Several economic development indicators point to a strong financial system and strong and resilient national economy,” he added, pointing to a report released by the World Bank that projects the UAE economy to continue in its recovery course in 2022, with growth anticipated to reach 4.7% driven by oil and non-oil sectors.

The Director-General noted that the financial reserves of the UAE continue to exhibit solid growth, according to the Central Bank of the UAE, which reflects the country’s robust banking system and high financial solvency, ensuring its ability to overcome any sudden shifts in the financial and economic landscape.

“SMEs today represent 94% of the total companies and institutions operating in the country and contribute more than 50% to the country’s GDP, making them a key player in building a competitive knowledge-based economy.”

H.E. Al Mheiri continued by saying that the thanks to the several initiatives launched by the UAE government that fortified its position as a preferred destination for emerging businesses and startups, the UAE has retained its #1 rank in the GCC, and #22 globally in attracting FDI as per the UNCTAD.

For his part, Dr. El Hassan Jouaouine, Economic Advisor – Undersecretary’s Office, Ministry of Economy, shed light on the unique model of the UAE economy over the past 50 years, pointing to the resilience and quick responsiveness of the UAE economy in the face of COVID-19 pandemic and the UAE’s 50-year plan transition towards the “New Economy”.

Dr. Jouaouine remarked that the UAE economy has grown 7 times since 1975 and that the country was ranked #7 in GNI per capita in 2019.

Concerning the resilience and quick responsiveness of the UAE economy, Dr. Jouaouine pointed to a range of preventive measures taken by the government to limit the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy by launching an economic stimulus package of AED 388 billion as well as The implementation of the flexible packages within the 33-initiative plan to support key economic sectors and build a more flexible and sustainable economic model.

Ms. Noha Mohammed Al Harmoudi, Director of the CSR UAE Fund, said that the Fund plays a pivotal role in making the UAE a world example of CSR, adding that the CSR UAE Fund is a federal authority that sets the framework and governance for Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE while managing and directing contributions from the business sector towards National Priority initiatives.

“CSR UAE Fund has metrics in place to rank and reward active businesses in CSR on a country level. Furthermore, it is an enabler for relevant authorities to enhance and regulate socially responsible practices within corporations and business entities,” she explained.

Ms. Al Harmoudi added that the mission of the Fund is to establish a platform that encourages the business sector to actively engage in socially responsible practices that lead to a positive economic, social and environmental impact in line with the UAE’s priorities and sustainable development goals.

In his closing remarks, Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council, praised the achievements of the UAE over the past 50 years including an advanced infrastructure, hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, initiating Baraka Nuclear Energy Plant, The Launch of the UAE Space Agency, and attracting people from more than 192 Countries to work and live in the UAE to name just a few.

Dr. Anis also spoke of foreign direct investment and that the UAE is ranked first in FDI inflows in West Asian Countries as well as the MENA region.

He also spoke of the positive changes in the UAE financial sector and the establishment of HUB71, saying that the aggregate valuation of Hub71 startups soared to AED 5.87 billion, with close to 1,000 jobs created since its inception in 2019.

He also listed some of the UAE’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including the provision of quality education, enforcing gender equality, and improving clean water and sanitation among others.