Membership of the Pakistan Business Professional Council is open to all Pakistani business professionals and UAE based companies having a commercial interest in Pakistan. Two levels of membership are currently offered, Individual and Corporate.

To qualify for Corporate Membership, you must be a Pakistani company operating and having a physical presence in the United Arab Emirates, either with your own office or in affiliation with a UAE National. The resident General Manager, or Chief Executive Officer, and one other senior member of staff appointed by the company shall be receive Corporate Membership status.

To qualify for Individual Membership you should be a Pakistani National, holding a Pakistani Origin Card, working in the UAE and not eligible for Corporate Membership.



As a Founding Member of the Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi, UAE values deeply the role that the Council plays in strengthening collaboration, partnering, and networking opportunities between and among governments, people and industries of the Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. 

Dr. Syed Qaiser Anis

Managing Director at Alliott Management Consulting, UAE

Our Pakistan Overseas Members