PBPC Abu Dhabi members include all business sectors and comprise of Pakistani companies operating in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, local companies
who exclusively represents Pakistani goods and services, Pakistani Citizen Individuals, and other select companies and individuals/professionals who can contribute to the mission and objectives of PBPC Abu Dhabi.

PBPC Abu Dhabi Objectives:
- To promote commerce & investment between Pakistan and UAE;
- To provide platform for members to build business relationships in the region;
- Strengthening and expanding your network
- To promote awareness of the UAE’s commercial significance and potential amongst the Pakistani business community in the UAE and Pakistan;
- Promoting Family networking
- Access to receive first-hand information on country market

Membership is offered at two types to best suit your organization’s needs, from our corporate level to Individual/Professional level membership.
Each type is described in more details below.

Corporate Membership Benefits

- Two representatives as members of PBPC - Voting representative to the business Council
- Priority Access to all PBPC events throughout the year
- Opportunity to organize events, seminars, (CFO) conference & receptions with PBPC to promote their business
- Included in PBPC electronic mailing list ( for the press release and other related information)
- Business Consultancy for establishing in the UAE - Freezones and in Mainland
- Consultancy providing information for the Real Estate investment in UAE - Abu Dhabi and Dubai
- Consultancy in providing information relating to the UAE Government Laws
- Providing information relating to the UAE Government for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other emirates
- Signature PBPC lapel pin for each representative
- Membership card for both representative


- Company logo on our PBPC Website - Email blast to entire PBPC Membership (content to be approved by PBPC)
- Your logo on PBPC Abu Dhabi Banners at each PBPC Event
- Opportunity to avail Sponsorship Packages for a great chance for a brand to get new contacts.

Individual Membership Benefits

- Individual members are active supporters of PBPC.
- Ability to attend and network at standard events.
- Included in PBPC electronic mailing list ( for the press release and other related information)
- Provides support jobs for Professionals
- Access to all standard PBPC events throughout the year
- Standard membership card for each representative

Membership Fee

Current Annual Membership Fee schedule is as follow:
Corporate Membership ~ Dhs 3,000 per annum.
Individual Membership ~ Dhs 1,000 per annum.