Webinar on Email Skills and Business Etiquette

6 September 2021 @ 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi invites you to a webinar organized by the Canadian Business Council (CBC) Abu Dhabi in coordination with Albers Business Communication Solutions is organizing an informative webinar on Email Skills and Business Etiquette.

According to Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, people waste 28% of their day on email. That is over two hours a day wasted when they could be doing more productive tasks.

This webinar explains how to write clear and focused emails that cater to your reader. You will learn to write with more empathy so you can cut down unnecessary time on email and get what you need from your reader quickly. You will also learn how to structure an email differently when delivering good news or bad news. It will train you in better business etiquette to improve client and workplace relationships.

This workshop will save you time, energy, and build your reputation as an international communicator. Participants who wish to have more in-depth training are encouraged to enroll in the online course starting September 27 – October 21, 2021.

Talking Points:

By the end of the webinar, participants should understand how to write clear and effective emails that look more professional and readable. Participants are told how to:

  • Address clients from the international community correctly
  • Understand and use the formula for focused and clear subject lines
  • Write polite but direct opening lines that get results
  • Write closing lines that get results faster to speed up communication
  • Deliver bad news politely so the customer understands
  • Understand email etiquette in the workplace

The goal of this webinar is to help participants feel more confident about writing emails and making a positive impression. The webinar, “Email Skills and Business Etiquette” saves you time, builds competence, and promotes better working relationships.

This webinar is participated by:

  • Australian Business Group
  • Canadian Business Council
  • British Business Group Abu Dhabi
  • Pakistan Business Professional Council

Robyn Albers
Director and Lead Trainer
Albers Business Communication Solutions

Robyn Albers has a Masters of Education in TESOL and twenty-four years of experience training employees and university students in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Taiwan, and Canada. She has published academic articles on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and has won international awards in teaching. Her mission is to help employees write and speak simple, clear, messages to increase confidence and competence in their working environment.


Lina Hussain
Board Director of Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi
Digital Associate, Brunswick Group

Lina Hussain is a Digital Associate based in Brunswick’s Abu Dhabi office. Since joining in April 2020, she has provided digital communications support across multiple sectors and transactions including healthcare, private equity, finance, arts, M&A, and government services. Prior to joining Brunswick, she worked in a Canadian film and television company managing production budgets and post-production delivery for multi-million-dollar projects, and as a digital content and community manager driving the development, implementation and management of multimedia projects across the MENA region. Lina is a graduate of Screen Production and Journalism from Murdoch University, and speaks English and Arabic.

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