People of Determination Int’l Virtual Exhibition & Conference

12 March 2021 @ 2:00 PM – 14 March 2021 @ 6:00 PM
With the aim of integrating differently-abled people into the mainstream, the PODIEC 2021 Int’l Exhibition & Conference aims to provide a single platform to the entire government, business, and civil community to:
* Reflect the needs, aspirations, and expectations of the people with disabilities residing in Pakistan.
* Provide an excellent opportunity to showcase and explore the best and latest innovations, technologies, products, and services from around the world that will enhance the lives of people with disabilities
* Gather all the stakeholders including representatives from government, policymakers, diplomats, healthcare professionals & providers, heads of donor agencies, civil society organizations, and CEOs of private sector companies to get involved, exchange thoughts & wisdom and make concerted efforts for the betterment of People of Determination

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