WEBINAR SERIES | Create Contents to generate LEADS

31 January 2021 @ 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Join Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi for a webinar series – Create Contents to Generate Leads hosted by the Swiss Business Council in collaboration with SBC’s member Targeto.
***What We Will Discuss***
All digital industries are on the rise. New companies are trying to transform their business models, adopting new digital tools in order to achieve success. Unfortunately, the online digital world not only represents an opportunity but also a fierce challenge. A confused strategy, as well as a confused idea of what to implement, creates the perfect receipt for a bad investment.
Nowadays every business that wants to compete online needs to create its own ecosystem leveraging several assets: Digital Content Marketing and Communication, Digital tools, and Marketing Automations.
The definition of a clear customer value journey online will give any business the fundamentals to implement a successful strategy: what channels are to be used to reach our audience, what contents are to be communicated to generate new interesting leads, what actions are to be taken to convert interested leads into paying customers. The whole digital ecosystem should be supported by an advertising strategy created to attract the target audience in an effective and quick way. Ads are made to generate MONEY not views or page likes!
How to create your own digital strategy, how to define your customer value journey, and how to implement a successful approach are going to be explained in our series of free webinars. Our goal is to help any business transform its marketing models to succeed in the digital revolution we are all experiencing.
In particular, in this webinar we are going to focus on how to build Contents to AWARE and Contents to generate LEADS for your business. It is extremely important nowadays to understand that contents are different. Every type of content has to be used for a particular action. In detail, in the webinar the contents to aware users and to generate new leads are going to be explained.

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