Joint Webinar: Importance of Intellectual Property

29 June 2020 @ 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Live Webinar

Join the Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi for a webinar organized by the Canadian Business Council (CBC) in collaboration with AVID Intellectual Property and participating business groups on the “Importance of Intellectual Property for Any Business”.

Intellectual Property (IP) is arguably one of the most important aspects that lead to a company’s success. Having a good understanding of IP and taking the proper steps to protect your company’s IP will help give a company a better chance of succeeding. All businesses have IP, which should be protected, it may be a trademark, copyright, patent, industrial design, and more. Imagine where Apple would be if it did not file for any patents or McDonalds if they did not register or protected their trademark.

The session will help the audience understand:
– What intellectual property is?
– Types of intellectual property.
– The importance of intellectual property protection for a business enterprise.
– Defending a company’s IP rights and avoiding infringement against other company’s rights.
– The added value of protecting your intellectual property.

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