Exponential Crisis needs an Exponential Response

14 July 2020 @ 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Live Webinar

Join the Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi for a joint business group webinar organized by the Canadian Business Council (CBC) Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Xpontential Talks on Exponential Crisis needs an Exponential Response. Thriving in the Future!

The waves of disruption are taking over and transforming the world exponentially, in every aspect of our lives, technologically, socially, environmentally, and economically. The COVID crisis just accelerated it. The time has come to make a decision – Transform or be transformed!

We will look at the impact of;

Trust & ethics, social capital & goodwill, and the impact of collective intelligence & consciousness during and beyond the COVID crisis.
Exponential dynamics and technology and how it is really impacting us including some megatrends
Scenario analysis to survive & thrive –
3-6 months ( oxygen mask/resourcefulness phase!),
6-12 months (the resilience/reinvention phase), most relevant and likely to focus on.
12 months+ ( transform or die!)
New opportunities, new industries, new business models to embrace to thrive.
The brain, intelligence, and creativity – Our Final Frontier. What do our kids need?
This is the time you need to be Future Fit, Future Ready & Future Proofed. This webinar will give you a distinct edge, a lead in the market. It will make your job-relevant and future-proofed. It gives you the toolkit to thrive in this new world.


Tariq Qureishy, Futurist, CEO, Finance & Media Professional,
Entrepreneur, & International Speaker.

Tariq is currently the Co-Founder/CEO of Xponential, a “Future Readiness” & foresight platform which enables & executes transformational methodology and concepts to create “exponential organizations” for the future. www.eqxponential.com and www.xponentialtalks.com. He is also the Founder/CEO of MAD Talks Group in 2016, an integrated digital media and visual storytelling platform, focused on the future of leadership, innovation & 10x thinking. www.madtalks.com

He has worked in top leadership roles for over 20 years in:

Dow Jones Markets (Regional Director Europe/MEA), 1987-1999. (Finally heading a $1b +business, innovating platform, launching regionally and globally)
The Times and Sunday Times (CEO/Publisher Middle East Africa), 2007-2009. (Launch to profitability in 2 years)
Bloomberg Media (Regional Lead/Advisor -MEA), 2010-2015. (Launched Bloomberg TV in MEA & commercial expansion)
Tariq is a leading financial & media business professional focused on organizational and business transformation, both business and leaders at the board and strategy level for large organizations. He also supports young companies on Fintech & related services, tech & AI, and other major tech and business platforms. He has helped to launch major products and strategy and is a respected communications expert & marketer.

As a global celebrity futurist speaker, he has done over 200 keynotes www.tariq.tv. He specializes in talks about the future, transformation & metamorphosis. Particularly relevant post-COVID 10, where he is helping companies through the current crisis. He also speaks on finance 4.0, energy, technology v humanity, the brain, moon-shot thinking, AI for good & others with practical business solutions. Check his work on www.xponentialtalks.com

He has a degree in Economics and is a Harvard Business School 1998 alum. Also Board members and specializing in future and media/content activities for HBS Club. GCC.

He is the founder of 100% MAD, a not for profit initiative to democratize philanthropy using the digital ecosystem. MAD is “Make A Difference”, his mission for humanity.

Linkedin: Tariq Qureishy. Twitter: @tariqqureishy. Instagram: @tariq.tv


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