Abu Dhabi Chamber and Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi  Organizes a seminar on UAE Economy 2022 and Beyond

Jun 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the National Fund for Social Responsibility, CSR UAE has organized a seminar on UAE Economy, shedding a light on the latest economic updates on the UAE economy while raising awareness on corporate social responsibility (CSR), held on 30th of May 2022 at the Abu Dhabi Chamber Tower.

In his opening speech, His Excellency Mohamed Helal Al Mheiri, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, said that The UAE in 2022 is keen on further increasing the competitiveness of the private sector, which can be achieved by implementing innovative strategies targeted at accelerating growth and economic diversification.

“Several economic development indicators point to a strong financial system and strong and resilient national economy,” he added, pointing to a report released by the World Bank that projects the UAE economy to continue in its recovery course in 2022, with growth anticipated to reach 4.7% driven by oil and non-oil sectors.

The Director-General noted that the financial reserves of the UAE continue to exhibit solid growth, according to the Central Bank of the UAE, which reflects the country’s robust banking system and high financial solvency, ensuring its ability to overcome any sudden shifts in the financial and economic landscape.

“SMEs today represent 94% of the total companies and institutions operating in the country and contribute more than 50% to the country’s GDP, making them a key player in building a competitive knowledge-based economy.”

H.E. Al Mheiri continued by saying that the thanks to the several initiatives launched by the UAE government that fortified its position as a preferred destination for emerging businesses and startups, the UAE has retained its #1 rank in the GCC, and #22 globally in attracting FDI as per the UNCTAD.

For his part, Dr. El Hassan Jouaouine, Economic Advisor – Undersecretary’s Office, Ministry of Economy, shed light on the unique model of the UAE economy over the past 50 years, pointing to the resilience and quick responsiveness of the UAE economy in the face of COVID-19 pandemic and the UAE’s 50-year plan transition towards the “New Economy”.

Dr. Jouaouine remarked that the UAE economy has grown 7 times since 1975 and that the country was ranked #7 in GNI per capita in 2019.

Concerning the resilience and quick responsiveness of the UAE economy, Dr. Jouaouine pointed to a range of preventive measures taken by the government to limit the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy by launching an economic stimulus package of AED 388 billion as well as The implementation of the flexible packages within the 33-initiative plan to support key economic sectors and build a more flexible and sustainable economic model.

Ms. Noha Mohammed Al Harmoudi, Director of the CSR UAE Fund, said that the Fund plays a pivotal role in making the UAE a world example of CSR, adding that the CSR UAE Fund is a federal authority that sets the framework and governance for Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE while managing and directing contributions from the business sector towards National Priority initiatives.

“CSR UAE Fund has metrics in place to rank and reward active businesses in CSR on a country level. Furthermore, it is an enabler for relevant authorities to enhance and regulate socially responsible practices within corporations and business entities,” she explained.

Ms. Al Harmoudi added that the mission of the Fund is to establish a platform that encourages the business sector to actively engage in socially responsible practices that lead to a positive economic, social and environmental impact in line with the UAE’s priorities and sustainable development goals.

In his closing remarks, Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council, praised the achievements of the UAE over the past 50 years including an advanced infrastructure, hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, initiating Baraka Nuclear Energy Plant, The Launch of the UAE Space Agency, and attracting people from more than 192 Countries to work and live in the UAE to name just a few.

Dr. Anis also spoke of foreign direct investment and that the UAE is ranked first in FDI inflows in West Asian Countries as well as the MENA region.

He also spoke of the positive changes in the UAE financial sector and the establishment of HUB71, saying that the aggregate valuation of Hub71 startups soared to AED 5.87 billion, with close to 1,000 jobs created since its inception in 2019.

He also listed some of the UAE’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) including the provision of quality education, enforcing gender equality, and improving clean water and sanitation among others.

Webinar on Roshan Digital Account

Jun 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi in continuation to raise awareness among overseas Pakistanis about  Roshan Digital Account in Pakistan organized another webinar in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan on May 26, 2022

Roshan Digital Account is set to drive sustainable GDP Growth, as it helped the government and the central bank improve the external account of the country.

The event’s objective is to attract millions of Pakistani living abroad by offering much higher returns on deposits than those in developed economies.


Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi and moderator of the webinar, opened by welcoming and thanking the participants and speakers for attending.

Mr. Syed Irfan Ali, Managing Director SBP, in his remarks thanked the Council for organizing another webinar to promote the new era of banking in Pakistan for overseas Pakistani through the Roshan Digital Account (RDA). He briefed the participants on the current update in the result of the RDA since it was launched a few months back and highlighted the salient aspects of the Government’s initiatives.

The Senior Joint Director of the Exchange Policy Department (EDP) of the State Bank of Pakistan, Mr. Rashid Mehmood, gave a detailed presentation on the Roshan Digital Accounts to the participants. And that, for the first time in Pakistan’s banking history, Non-resident Pakistanis have been provided an opportunity to remotely open bank accounts in Pakistan entirely through digital means without visiting a bank in Pakistan or an Embassy or a Consulate office. The facility has been launched through 15 Pakistani Banks. SBP would continue to add other banks to the list in the future.

The State Bank team and community members applauded the Council’s efforts to arrange the event to have another first-hand information on the RDA and interaction among the participating major banks in Pakistan. The presentations were followed by the questions and answer session by the community members. The event was broadcasted live on Council’s Facebook page and viewed by hundreds of overseas Pakistanis, as well.

To view the replay of the webinar please click here

Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi’s Annual Visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to mark “Zayed Humanitarian Work Day.”

Apr 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi‘s annual visit to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, to mark “Zayed Humanitarian Work Day” yesterday, 20 April 2022; that coincides with the anniversary of the death of the Founding Leader, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The delegation commenced the visit by paying homage and offering ‘Fateha’ at the mausoleum of the late Sheikh Zayed, recalling his qualities and wise approach that enriched the culture of tolerance and peaceful co-existence among various nations of the world.

Marked every year on the 19th day of Ramadan, PBPC Abu Dhabi, together with the nation of UAE, dedicates “Zayed Humanitarian Work Day “to remember the charity, achievements, and rich legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan exuded throughout his tenure as the Ruler of the UAE, until passing away in 2004.

The delegations commended the presence of the Chairman and Board Members of the Abu Dhabi Business Councils/Chambers – Australian Business Group, British Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Business Council, BENELUX Business Council, Irish Business Council, Indian Business & Professional Group, Iraqi Business Council, Palestine Business Council, and Philippine Business Council, with their members who have joined us on this special occasion.

It is an annual event of the Council that has been religiously practiced every anniversary.

Golden Visa Overview

Apr 2022


About the Abu Dhabi Residents Office

The Abu Dhabi Residents Office is a division of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), established to support the emirate’s thriving international community. The office is dedicated to helping new residents settle into Abu Dhabi and supporting the integration and harmonisation of the international community with the local culture and society. The office is developing smart services for its global talent residency programmes, guides for the international community, as well as active research and engagement initiatives that promote life in the emirate. The office also advocates for international residents and actively contributes to shaping policies that improve the quality of life for everyone in Abu Dhabi, now and in the future.

About the Abu Dhabi Residents Office


Discover the Golden Visa

The UAE’s Golden Visa is available in Abu Dhabi for international talent working, creating, studying, excelling and investing in key sectors.

The wide range of visa options are available in Abu Dhabi for foreign investors and top talent from around the world, providing them with visas for up to 10 years. This includes professionals and researchers in the fields of science and knowledge such as doctors, specialists, scientists and inventors. It is also open to talented creative and sporting individuals, and business, start-up and real estate investors in the emirate.

Abu Dhabi boasts a number of high-growth areas that are creating opportunities for talented individuals to grow, achieve and succeed. These include creative industries, R&D, healthcare, agriculture, financial services and a thriving start-up ecosystem.

With its unparalleled lifestyle, rich culture and diverse community, Abu Dhabi is a place to live, work and invest. A place to call home.

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Pakistani entrepreneur accelerates UAE startups

Jan 2022

Dubai – Farzal Dojki’s company Next GenI has worked with over 50 tech startups in the GCC, deploying hundreds of engineers and millions of hours over the past 10 years

Building a tech team for a tech product is like a “fun roller coaster experience”, says Farzal Dojki, founder of NextGenI, a firm that works with the founders of tech startups to build their tech teams, or with enterprises in their push towards digital innovation.

As an industry veteran who has worn many hats, Dojki will be the first person to say that not everything has been smooth sailing. After receiving a CS and Economics degrees from Austin and NYU, he worked in the US as a software developer for two very large firms. However, when he returned to Pakistan in 2005, his first job was at a small company.

“We did not use the term ‘startup’ back then,” he recalls. “That was a big change in my life, and exposed to me the fun of working in a small team of passionate builders. Jeff Bezos’s 2-pizza-theory is the best explanation of where the fun stops and bureaucracy starts. After that, I worked for a few more years at two small companies, and I loved it.”

However, when a fourth startup that he worked for shut down, he decided that it was time to go solo. “That was the genesis of Next Generation Innovations. Over the past 10 years, we have done over a 100 projects, of which there have been around 50 pure startups, and of them, more than 20 have gone on to raise series A or more.”

Dojki stressed that NextGenI works with a wide range of companies as long as it is innovative work. “We are a boutique firm; that is our biggest advantage, and we wish to retain this advantage as it helps overcome challenges. We answer not to our shareholders, but to our employees and our customers.”

He noted that the size of a potential client’s personnel team could literally be one person for an idea stage firm, or over 10,000 people for an enterprise. “This breadth of experience is only navigable if we focus on one core area, and for us, that core service is fast innovation. We only take on work if it is innovative, and we are confident that we can be the best people to solve it.”

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Pakistan to offer permanent residency scheme to attract foreign investment

Jan 2022

A Federal Minister said that one of the purposes of opening the PR programme was to attract rich Afghans

Pakistan has decided to offer a permanent residency scheme for foreign nationals, including Sikhs living in the US and Canada, Afghans and Chinese, to attract investment and boost country’s economy and national growth, it emerged on Saturday.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry through an overnight tweet announced that the new scheme was in line with the new National Security Policy, which was formally launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday.

“In line with new National Security Policy, through which Pakistan declared geo-economics as the core of its national security doctrine, the government has decided to allow permanent residency scheme for foreign nationals, the new policy allows foreigners to get permanent resident status in lieu of investment,” the tweet said.

Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/asia/pakistan-to-offer-permanent-residency-scheme-to-attract-foreign-investment

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding

Nov 2021

The Pakistan Business Professional Council – Abu Dhabi and Bath Spa University Academic Centre RAK signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the Pakistani schools and community in Abu Dhabi.
Dr. S. Qaiser Anis- President PBPC Abu Dhabi
Mr. Badar Uz Zaman – VP Legal & Coordination
Prof. Dr. M. N Brohi – Campus Director BSU Rak
Dr. Allen Samonte – Branch Head BSU
Mr. Irfan Khan – Operations Manager BSU



Bath Spa University UK has an established reputation for courses that offer high-quality teaching across a range of disciplines. The University is recognized as being a leading University in the UK for Creativity, Culture, and Enterprise and offers an innovative and up-to-date curriculum that meets the needs of industry and the students.

Under the Chairmanship of HE Dr. Sheikh Majid Bin Seed Al Nuaimi, Chairman Ruler’s Court Ajman; the Academic Centre in RAK aspires to offer the same high-quality reputable education right here in UAE.

Bath Spa University is a leading education provider for the creative industries with a clear focus on creativity, culture, enterprise, and education.

Website: https://bathspa.ae/

Seminar on Cybersecurity: Challenges in Pakistan and Beyond

Nov 2021

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Alif Technologies organized a seminar on cybersecurity Challenges in Pakistan and Beyond held on 13 November 2021 at Multi-Purpose Hall Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

“With the digital revolution around all businesses, small or large corporates, organizations, and even governments are relying on computerized systems to manage their day-to-day activities and thus making cybersecurity a primary goal to safeguard data from various online attacks or any unauthorized access. Continuous change in technologies also implies a parallel shift in cybersecurity trends as news of data breaches, ransomware, and hacks become the norm” said Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of PBPC Abu Dhabi, in his welcome remarks.


With a collaborative effort in the Council’s mission to deepen the sights into and understanding of innovation and cybersecurity, Mr. Asif Zaman, CEO of Alif Technologies, Moderator of the event, along with the key panelists – Mr. Muhammad Ali Azeem, Cybersecurity & IT Infrastructure Specialist, Mr. Mubarak Mustafa, Cybersecurity Consultant of ACET Solutions and Prof. Dr. M N Brohi, Campus Director of Bath Spa University shared their insights to help bolster cybersecurity diversity and inclusion through the industry and further expand the cyber workforce.

The event concluded with a word of thanks from Mr. Asif Zaman, Moderator of the event and Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President PBPC Abu Dhabi.