Webinar on Roshan Digital Account

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi in continuation to raise awareness among overseas Pakistanis about  Roshan Digital Account in Pakistan organized another webinar in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan on May 26, 2022

Roshan Digital Account is set to drive sustainable GDP Growth, as it helped the government and the central bank improve the external account of the country.

The event’s objective is to attract millions of Pakistani living abroad by offering much higher returns on deposits than those in developed economies.


Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi and moderator of the webinar, opened by welcoming and thanking the participants and speakers for attending.

Mr. Syed Irfan Ali, Managing Director SBP, in his remarks thanked the Council for organizing another webinar to promote the new era of banking in Pakistan for overseas Pakistani through the Roshan Digital Account (RDA). He briefed the participants on the current update in the result of the RDA since it was launched a few months back and highlighted the salient aspects of the Government’s initiatives.

The Senior Joint Director of the Exchange Policy Department (EDP) of the State Bank of Pakistan, Mr. Rashid Mehmood, gave a detailed presentation on the Roshan Digital Accounts to the participants. And that, for the first time in Pakistan’s banking history, Non-resident Pakistanis have been provided an opportunity to remotely open bank accounts in Pakistan entirely through digital means without visiting a bank in Pakistan or an Embassy or a Consulate office. The facility has been launched through 15 Pakistani Banks. SBP would continue to add other banks to the list in the future.

The State Bank team and community members applauded the Council’s efforts to arrange the event to have another first-hand information on the RDA and interaction among the participating major banks in Pakistan. The presentations were followed by the questions and answer session by the community members. The event was broadcasted live on Council’s Facebook page and viewed by hundreds of overseas Pakistanis, as well.

To view the replay of the webinar please click here

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