Message from the President of PBPC Abu Dhabi

President’s Message on the occasion of the New Year

Dear PBPC Members and Friends, 

On behalf of the Pakistan Business Professional Council (PBPC) Abu Dhabi, I would like to thank the Executive Board, all members, and staff for being part of this Council, everyone contributed, how great or small, we share a love for this council. I appreciate your continued support and dedication, which have an integral to PBPC Abu Dhabi’s progress and success

2020 will be a year seared in all our memories. It’s been a year and continuously gives an impact on our lives, our communities, and our nation in ways none of us could ever imagine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many changes and challenges. It has changed the world and style of living and working.

As PBPC Abu Dhabi President, I am proud of the work done by the Council during the year 2020. We have continued with our activities and events, using technology and its platform to connect with members, other business councils, and Government entities. The council went beyond the border interacting with the Pakistan Government, organizations, and community in GCC, Pakistan, UK, Canada, USA and other countries, with the guidance and support of the Pakistan Embassy and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

I wanted to take a moment to send an update about the Council and share with you some of the various events we have made this year – 15 PBPC Events, 22 business meetings, & 42 Joint Business Group event/webinars, and also some assurance that we are focused on achieving our objectives to empower each other, and our community during this time of crisis. We have kept our website up to date with the latest news on safety & health and business issues through our help desk.

PBPC Abu Dhabi will keep striving to strengthen this organization. The pandemic has shown that – by working together, whether onsite or remotely – we can achieve and develop a lasting relationship with the community and continue building momentum with a program that would achieve the council’s objectives.

Along with all the new hopes and promises that the New Year would bring. Hope it also brings us a lot more opportunities to work together. Wish you and your family

A Great and Prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021. Stay Safe, Stay Alert & follow the SOPs.

As always, we like to look back and remember those nice moments that we shared.

Dr. S. Qaiser Anis


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