15th International Urdu Mushaira 2020

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi organized the virtual 15th International Urdu Mushaira 2020.

Now in its 15th year, Mushaira 2020 is in honor of the works of the legendary poets, Himayat Ali Shair and Rahat Indori.

In this edition, poets from Pakistan, Canada, Australia, India, and other countries presented Urdu poetry in all its scintillating rang-o-aahang styles and genres. Showcased the richness and diversity of contemporary Urdu verse.

L-R: (first row) Ms. Seema Ghfal, Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Nasim, Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, Dr. Asim Wasti, Mr. Zahoorul Islam (second row) Dr. A. Hadi Shahid, Dr. Kalim Qaiser, Mr. Afzal Khan, Mr. Akhtar Shad, Mr. Shakeel Jazib (third row) Mr. Khalid Aziz, Mr. Syed Tabish, Mr. Syed Jalaluddin Azimbadi, Mr. Auj-E- Kamal, Mr. Irfan Mustaza

The event was virtually attended by Dr. S. Qaiser Anis, President of Pakistan Business Professional Council, Dr. A. Hadi Shahid, Founding Member of Pakistan Business Professional Council, Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Nasim, VP Program PBPC Abu Dhabi. Together with the members of the PBPC Abu Dhabi Executive Board, Mr. Nayyer Hamed, Dr. Muhammad Farhan, Mr. Khalid Bashir, Mr, Ammar Sheikh, and Engr. Mohd. Ajmal Sheikh.

The dazzling poets’ list of the evening comprised – Mr. Zahoorul-Ul Islam, Mr. Auj-E- Kamal, Mr. Tabish Zaidi, Mr. Jalal Zaeem Abdi, Dr. Asim Wasti, Mr. Ashraf Shad, Mr. Abbas Tabish, Mr. Shakeel Jazib, Dr. Kalim Qaiser, Ms. Seema Ghazal, Mr. Afzal Aziz, Mr. Khalid Aziz, Mr. Irfan Murtaza, and Ms. Tasneem Abidi.

PBPC Abu Dhabi aims to support and continue the long-standing tradition of promoting the Urdu language and culture in the region.

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